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Liebe SHRIMP-User: SHRIMPY freut sich über euer fleißiges Sammeln von Badges!


Das Semester ist vier Wochen jung und SHRIMPY freut sich unglaublich über eure fleißigen Aktivitäten auf der Plattform, liebe SHRIMP-User. In den vergangenen Wochen habt ihr durch das eifrige Annotieren, Kommentieren und die Beantwortung von Lesefragen zusammen mehr als 250 Badges verdient. Gute Arbeit und weiter so!



Video Tutorials: How to Use SHRIMP 101

These video tutorials are designed to help you understand how to navigate SHRIMP and use its features when you first start out.

If you have further questions after watching them, please refer to our FAQ page. If your problem is not adressed there, you can also leave a comment on the FAQ page or contact us here and we will get back to you.

Happy shrimping!


What is SHRIMP?

SHRIMP is a new educational medium currently under development at American Studies in Leipzig and Dresden. This interactive online reader contains all necessary texts, and it presents them as social hypertext. It therefore allows you to

  1. discover your own reading path following the many hyperlinks
  2. annotate the text with your own reading notes
  3. interact with your fellow students, tutors, and instructors by

To get the most out of SHRIMP, be sure to use all of these opportunities.


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